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Lacuna Passage
tommyfreelance 2013. júl. 1. @ du. 4:10
What is this going to be?
Is this some sort of survival horror game? Or is this going to be Minecraft on Mars?
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camraab  [Fejlesztő] 2013. júl. 1. @ du. 5:13 
It will be more in line with a survival horror game than a game such as Minecraft. When we say "survival horror" we mean it in the most traditional sense, in that you simply have to survive, which can be a terrifying ordeal in and of itself.
tommyfreelance 2013. júl. 1. @ du. 5:29 
Ah, when I first read about the game I thought "Cool, its another world where you have to find items and objects, setup a shelter, and fend off an alien environment... It would be kinda cool if you could build a sand castle out of the Oxy-pharuos sand on Mars." One of the game's I really like to play the most is Minecraft so I was wishing this would be more like that but a "survival horror" game would be really cool too so don't let me stop you.
tommyfreelance 2013. júl. 1. @ du. 5:33 
Will there be alien ruins to explore? Will I as a gamer be able to drive the 2 billion dollar car you show in the backround? And i'm sure every person who's as crazy as I am wants to ask this question: Will the character in the game get a laser gun?
xOR10Nx  [Fejlesztő] 2013. júl. 1. @ du. 7:05 
I can't divulge too much information about the story just yet, but we have confirmed that their will be no weapons or enemies to fight in the game.
tommyfreelance 2013. júl. 1. @ du. 10:05 
Hmm, Will we have to deal with broken bones in a space suit? Also i'm going to guess that theirs no air on this version of Mars?
RareDomino 2013. júl. 1. @ du. 10:59 
It says in the description, it will be like the game 'Dear Esther'
tommyfreelance 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 12:52 
I've never played "Dear Esther"
Do you game with integrity 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 12:55 
tommy, you're a ♥♥♥♥♥, please shut up troll.
RareDomino 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 1:09 
Dear Esther is a really beautiful game, no killing bad guys or anything, just peace, quiet and beauty, lol
RareDomino 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 1:10 
It's on Steam, look it up
tommyfreelance 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 1:52 
I wanted to know things about this persons game so I could understand his idea of what the final product will look like and people feel a need to call me a Troll and other dirty names. Huh, well I guess thats the internet. I wish to not turn this chat into a flame war so I will ignore you from here on out Blixil. Have a wonderful life.
RareDomino 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 2:00 
No u
camraab  [Fejlesztő] 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 3:57 
Easy guys! We don't mind answering any and all questions, if we're going to ask your for your vote/money, then you deserve to know exactly what you're getting. So yes Tommy, it is a game with no "real" enemies other than the environment itself.

There is air on mars, but nothing like what we have here on earth, the atmosphere is extremely thin, and this changes a lot of things. For one, you must stay in your space suit, or a pressurized habitat/rover at all times, otherwise the liquids in your body would boil away. We've also gone to great lengths to make the sound design accurate as well, i.e., sound doesn't travel very far. There may not be any traditional enemies to fight, but we're thinking you'll be too pre-occupied trying to solve the mystery to worry about that :)
RareDomino 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 4:21 
Well, it sounds amazing, will we be able to do things such as drive the rovers/rover? And you're saying that the game will feature enemies to fight?
RareDomino 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 4:42 
Do you have any idea of what the system requirements will be, yet?
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