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Strike Vector
CantFindBacon Nov 4, 2013 @ 2:25pm
Warp Drives?
It would be so cool if you were able to warp through space (teleport) in use of curtain amount of energy that would be used for weapons.
So I know you guys already have a booster, but here is my concept.

Booster: Increases you speed in use of energy but constant until energy runs out.

Energy: My concept of energy is literally energy shared between Special weapon or tool/Primary and Secondary Weapon. So booster would be in SW category.

Warp-drives: When this is activated, it shoots you in straight line without changing directions(so if you activate it while you are aiming at wall, you will crash)in use of 90% of your energy. It leaves you a trail for 10 seconds slowly disappearing, you will not able to activate anything until your energy charges up.

So yeah. It would be cool
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soza Dec 22, 2013 @ 2:20am 
Yeah maybe. If it requires a charging phase that (perhaps) limit's one's speed or weapon fire rate, boost speed, whatever-then once used has a ridiculously long cooldown or none at all with exceptions or changes based on game mode settings to keep it from being OP.

It could be pretty sick when I think about it.

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