The Boston Bowie
Tacomaniac™ 2013年8月18日 13時44分
Boston Bowie backstab
i think if the boston bowie has a backstab added to it t would be op since the scout can run fast
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JayMayPlay 2013年8月21日 10時10分 
Same here! The taunt should be able to make the scout look like he is backstabbing. Like when he does a taunt with a bat, he raises his hand and says "BONK!". Well he should hold the knife in his hand when he taunts and he should stab when the taunt is finished. Sorry if this doesnt make sense I am in a rush because I'm doing something ._.
最近の変更はJayMayPlayが行いました; 2013年8月21日 10時10分
Tacomaniac™ 2013年8月21日 10時23分 
lol its okay i got it xD
A Rare Kinda Piggle 2013年12月23日 16時35分 
It should be able to backstab but perhaps your marked for death whilst held? seems for balanced then...
Tacomaniac™ 2013年12月23日 17時40分 
still not worth it. To me being marked for death as a scout seems useless unless u can even hit him....
Socio 4月28日 1時04分 
That is the exact reason NOT to add it!
And also, it is freaking easy to hit a scout!
Socio 4月28日 1時04分 
But taunt kill? Is good.
Astrix S. Crimm 5月12日 16時05分 
Make the taunt kill similar to the Spy disguised as the Blu Scout.
Tacomaniac™ 5月15日 16時09分 
The taunt kill idea is a good one :3
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