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Weapon Script Pack
LoadedAK47  [developer] Jul 13, 2013 @ 6:47pm
List of Available Scripts
This Pack DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SKINS / TEXTURES / MODELS. It contains scripts that edit the statistics of the gun it modifies.

These scripts does not work online unless you host a local server.

The Scripts in the “ Heavy Weapons - Launchers “ section are not compatible with mods that edit the gamemode style script. In other words it is not compatible with mods like Improved Bots, Super Hordes, Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Realism, etc. Don't worry I put limited compatibility I made the bots smart, the ability to lead if you die, crawl when you are incapacitated, ammo reserve adjustments and a couple of other things.

You must unpack this first instructions how to do so are in the discussion section with a thread titled, How to properly install the VPKs inside the Weapon Script Pack.
List of Available scripts below.

AK-47 = Russian Rifle
AWM = CSS Sniper
Desert Eagle = Magnum
P226/Glock 26 = Pistols
M4 Super 90 / M1014 = Auto Shotgun
M16 = Rifle
M60 = Machine Gun
M79 = Grenade Launcher
MAC-10 = Silenced SMG
Mini-14 = Hunting Rifle
Ithaca 37 = Pump Shotgun
G3SG-1 = Military Sniper
Remington 870 = Chrome Shotgun
SCAR-L = Desert Rifle
Scout = CSS Scout Sniper
SG552 = CSS Rifle
SPAS-12 = Combat Shotgun
Uzi = SMG

List of Guns: The name in the parenthesis is the weapon the script replaces.

BR85HB SR (SCAR): Battle Rifle from Halo 4.
M6D (Pistols): Pistol from Halo 1-3.
M6G (Desert Eagle): Pistol from Halo Reach.
M7S (MAC-10): SMG from Halo ODST.
M19 Blackfox (M16 - SCAR swap): Designed in the year 2018 by a person codenamed Arby26. Replaces the M16 script.
M19 Blackfox (M16): Designed in the year 2018 by a person codenamed Arby26. Replaces the M16 script.
M41A (M16): Assault Rifle from Aliens.
MA5C (AK-47): Assault Rifle from Halo 3.
MA5D (AK-47): Assault Rifle from Halo 4.
MA37 (AK-47): Assault Rifle from Halo Reach.
Mark 2 Lancer (M16): Assault Rifle from Gears of War.
Pulse Rifle (M16): Assault Rifle from Dead Space.

Heavy Weapons - Launchers:

China Lake (M79)
M32 MGL (M79
M203 (M79)
RPG-7 (M79)

Heavy Weapons - Light Machine Guns:

M249 (AK-47)
M249 (M16)
M249 (M60)
QBB-95 (SCAR - M16 swap)
QBB-95 (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
QBB-95 (SCAR - Uzi swap)
RPK (AK-47)
RPK (M60)
RPK-74 (AK-47)
RPK-74 (M60)

Heavy Weapons - Machine Guns:

M60 (AK-47)
M134 (M60): Someone seriously put a minigun in L4D2.
M240B (AK-47)
M240B (M60)
MG 42 (AK-47)
MG 42 (M16)
MG 42 (M60)
PKM (AK-47)
PKM (M16)
PKM (M60)

Heavy Weapons - Sniper Rifles:

AS50 (G3SG-1)
AW50 (AWM)
AWM (.300 Winchester Magnum)
AWM (.338 Lapua Magnum)
M24A1 (Scout)
M24A2 (Scout)
M24A3 (Scout)
M76 (G3SG-1)
M98 (G3SG-1)
MSR (.300 Winchester Magnum_Scout)
MSR (.338 Lapua Magnum_Scout)
MSR (7.62x51mm NATO_Scout)
PGM 338 (AWM)
Scout (.338 Lapua Magnum)
Scout (5.56x45mm NATO)
Scout (7.62x51mm NATO)
SSG 08 (.300 Winchester Magnum_Scout)
SSG 08 (.338 Lapua Magnum_Scout)
SSG 08 (7.62x51mm NATO_Scout)
TRG-22 (AWM)
TRG-42 (.300 Winchester Magnum_AWM)
TRG-42 (.338 Lapua Magnum_AWM)

Light Weapons - Machine Pistols:

Beretta 93R (MAC-10 - SCAR swap)
Beretta 93R (Uzi - SCAR swap)
CZ 75 Automatic (Uzi)
G18 (MAC-10)
G18 (Uzi)
MAC-11 (MAC-10)
MP9 (Uzi)
TEC-DC9 (MAC-10)
TEC-DC9 (Uzi)

Light Weapons - Personal Defense Weapons:

AAC Honey Badger PDW (M16)
MP7 (MAC-10)
MP7 (Uzi)
P90 (MAC-10)
P90 (Uzi)
PDR (Uzi)
XM8 Compact (M16)
XM8 Compact (MP5)
XM8 Compact (Uzi)

Light Weapons - Pistols:

5906 (Pistols): was the M5906 (name correction).
AMT Hardballer (Desert Eagle)
AMT Hardballer (Pistols)
Beretta 92 (Pistols)
Browning Hi-Power (Desert Eagle)
Browning Hi-Power (Pistols)
Colt Python (Desert Eagle)
Desert Eagle (.44 Magnum)
Desert Eagle (.50 Action Express)
Desert Eagle (.357 Magnum)
Five-Seven (Pistols)
FNP-9 (Pistols)
FNP-45 (Pistols)
FNP-357 (Pistols)
G2 Contender (.44 Magnum_AWM)
G2 Contender (.357 Magnum_AWM)
Glock 17 (Pistols): Can be used as the default pistol. Possibly one of the intended default pistol.
Glock 21 (Pistols): Can be used as the default pistol. Possibly one of the intended default pistol.
Glock 31 (Pistols): Can be used as the default pistol. Possibly one of the intended default pistol.
GSh-18 (Pistols)
M9 (Desert Eagle)
M9 (Pistols)
M29 (Desert Eagle)
M1911 (Desert Eagle)
M1911 (Pistols)
M1935 (Pistols)
Makarov Pistol (Pistols)
Mk 23 (Desert Eagle)
Mk 23 (Pistols)
P08 (Pistols)
P38 (Pistols)
P99 (Pistols)
P220 (Pistols): Can be used as the default pistol. Possibly one of the intended default pistol.
P226 (Pistols): Can be used as the default pistol. Possibly one of the intended default pistol.
P250 (.357 SIG_Pistols)
P250 (9~19mm Parabellum_Pistols)
P345 (Pistols)
P2000 (.357 SIG_Pistols)
P2000 (9x19mm Parabellum_Pistols)
Pistole 80 (Pistols)
PP (Pistols)
PPK (Pistols)
TT-33 (Desert Eagle)
TT-33 (Pistols)
USP9 (Desert Eagle)
USP9 (Pistols)
USP45 (Desert Eagle)
USP45 (Pistols)
VP70M (Pistols)

Light Weapons - Sub-Machine Guns:

Bizon-2-01 (Uzi)
Bizon-2-07 (Uzi)
Calico M960A (Uzi)
Colt 9mm SMG (Uzi)
K1A (AK-47)
M1A1 (AK-47): Trusty dusty Thompson
M1A1 (M16): Trusty dusty Thompson
M1A1 (Uzi): Trusty dusty Thompson
M3 (.45 ACP_AK-47)
M3 (.45 ACP_MAC-10)
M3 (9x19mm Parabellum_AK-47)
M3 (9x19mm Parabellum_MAC-10)
M49 (AK-47)
M49 (Uzi)
MAC-10 (.45 ACP)
MAC-10 (9x19mm Parabellum)
Mini-Uzi (Uzi)
MP5 (MAC-10)
MP5 (Uzi)
MP5K (AK-47)
MP5K (M16)
MP5K (MAC-10)
MP5K (Uzi)
MP5SD: Different variant of the MP5
MP 40 (AK-47)
MP 40 (MP5)
MP 40 (Uzi)
PPSh-41 (AK-47)
PPSh-41 (M16)
PPSh-41 (Uzi)
Skorpion vz. 61 (MAC-10)
Skorpion vz. 61 (Uzi)
Skorpion vz. 82 (MAC-10)
Skorpion vz. 82 (Uzi)
UMP9 (AK-47)
UMP9 (MAC-10)
UMP9 (Uzi)
UMP45 (AK-47)
UMP45 (MAC-10)
UMP45 (Uzi)
Uzi (.45 ACP_MAC-10)
Uzi (9x19mm Parabellum_MAC-10)
Vector (MAC-10)
Vector (Uzi)

Medium Weapons - Assault Rifles:

ACE 23 (AK-47)
ACE 32 (AK-47)
ACE 52 (AK-47)
AEK-971 (AK-47)
AEK-972 (AK-47)
AEK-973 (AK-47)
AK-12 (AK-47)
AK-47 (M16)
AK-74 (AK-47)
AK-74 (M16)
AKM (AK-47)
AN-94 (AK-47)
AN-94 (SCAR - M16 swap)
AN-94 (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
AN-94 (SCAR - Uzi swap)
AN-94 (SCAR)
ARX-160 (5.45x39mm_M16)
ARX-160 (5.56x45mm NATO_M16)
ARX-160 (6.8x43mm SPC_M16)
ARX-160 (7.62x39mm_M16)
AUG (AK-47)
AUG (SCAR - M16 swap)
AUG (SCAR - MAC-10swap)
AUG (SCAR - Uzi swap)
AUG (SG 552)
CAL (AK-47): It's the Belgium version of the FAL.
CZ-805 (SG 552)
F2000 (M16)
F2000 (SG 552)
FAL 50.00 (AK-47)
FAMAS F1 (AK-47)
FAMAS F1 (Uzi)
FAMAS G2 (AK-47)
FAMAS G2 (Uzi)
G3A3 (AK-47)
G3A3 (M16)
G36 (SG 552)
G36K (AK-47)
G36K (M16)
Galil AR (5.56~45mm NATO_AK-47)
Galil AR (5.56~45mm NATO_M16)
Galil AR (7.62~51mm NATO_AK-47)
Galil AR (7.62~51mm NATO_M16)
M16A2 (SCAR)
M16A3 (M60)
M16A4 (M16 - SCAR swap)
MD97 (AK-47)
MSBS-5.56 Radon (M16)
MSBS-5.56 Radon (SCAR - M16 swap)
MSBS-5.56 Radon (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
MSBS-5.56 Radon (SCAR - Uzi swap)
MTAR-21 (M16)
MTAR-21 (Uzi)
OTs-14-1A (Uzi)
OTs-14-4A (Uzi)
QBZ-95 (SCAR - M16 swap)
QBZ-95 (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
QBZ-95 (SCAR - Uzi swap)
SCAR-H (AK-47)
SCAR-H (SCAR - M16 swap)
SCAR-H (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
SCAR-H (SCAR - Uzi swap)
SCAR-L (SCAR - M16 swap)
SCAR-L (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
SCAR-L (SCAR - Uzi swap)
SCAR-L (SG 552)
SG 556 (M16 - Scar swap)
SG 556 (M16)
SG 556 (SG 552)
StG 44 (AK-47)
SRSS Bulldog 762 Gen-4 (M16): This is actually a kit made up of M14 parts and isn't a manufactured weapon.
TAR-21 (M16)
TAR-21 (Uzi)
Type 89 (M16)
vz. 58 (AK-47)
XM8 (M16)
XM8 (M60)
XM8 (SCAR - M16 swap)
XM8 (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
XM8 (SCAR - Uzi swap)
XM8 (SG 552)

Medium Weapons - Carbines:

9A-91 (M16)
ACR (5.56x45mm NATO_AK-47)
ACR (5.56x45mm NATO_M16)
ACR (6.8x43mm SPC_AK-47)
ACR (6.8x43mm SPC_M16)
AKS-74U (AK-47)
AK-105 (AK-47)
AK-105 (SG 552)
De Lisle (AWM)
De Lisle (Scout)
G36C (M16)
G36C (MAC-10)
G36C (MP5)
G36C (Uzi)
HK416 (AK-47)
HK416 (M16)
HK416 (SCAR - M16 swap)
HK416 (SG 552)
L22A1 (SG 552)
M1 (Mini-14): Trusty dusty M1 Carbine.
M4 (M16 - SCAR swap)
M4A1 (G3SG-1)
M4A1 (M16)
M4A1 (SCAR - M16 swap)
M4A1 (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
M4A1 (SCAR - Uzi swap)
R5 RGP (AK-47)
R5 RGP (M16)
SG 552 (AK-47)
SG 551 (M16)
SG 552 (AK-47)
SG 552 (M16)
SG 552 (MAC-10)
SG 552 (SCAR - M16 swap)
SG 552 (SCAR - MAC-10 swap)
SG 552 (SCAR - Uzi swap)
SG 552 (SCAR)
SG 552 (Uzi)
SG 552

Medium Weapons - Designated Marksman Rifles:

AKS-74 (G3SG-1)
G3A3 (G3SG-1)
Gewehr 41 (Mini-14)
HK417 (G3SG-1)
M14 (AK-47)
M14 EBR-RI (Mini-14)
M110 (G3SG-1)
Mk 14 Mod 0 (Mini-14)
Mk 20 Mod 0 (G3SG-1)
Mk 20 Mod 0 (Mini-14)
MSG90 (G3SG-1)
OTs-03 SVU (G3SG-1)
SG 550 Sniper (G3SG-1)
PSG1 (G3SG-1)
R11 RSASS (G3SG-1)
SKS (Mini-14)
SKS-M (Mini-14)
SL8 (Mini-14)
SR-25 / Mk 11 Mod 0 (G3SG-1)
SVD (G3SG-1)
SVT-40 (Mini-14)
Tabuk Sniper Rifle (G3SG-1)
VSS (Mini-14)
WA 2000 (G3SG-1)
WA 2000 (Mini-14)

Medium Weapons - Shotguns:

AA-12 (AK-47)
AA-12 (G3SG-1)
Armsel Striker (SPAS-12)
Baikal MP-153 (SPAS-12)
Benelli M3 (M4 Super 90)
Benelli M3 (Remington 870)
Benelli M3 (SPAS-12)
Browning Auto-5 (M4 Super 90)
Coach Gun (M4 Super 90): More commonly known as the Double Barrel Shotgun. As it had no official name.
FP6 (Remington 870)
Ithaca 37 (Remington 870)
Ithaca 37
KS-23 (Ithaca 37)
KS-23 (Remington 870)
Maruzen M870 BV (Ithaca 37): I think this is a BB gun, but I am going to pretend it's a shotgun.
MAUL (M4 Super 90)
Model 1200 (Remington 870)
Model 1300 (Remington 870)
Model 1897 (Ithaca 37)
Model 1897 (Remington 870)
Model 1912 (Ithaca 37)
Model 7600 Carbine (Remington 870)
Model 7615p (Remington 870)
Mossberg 590 (Ithaca 37)
Mossberg 590 (Remington 870)
Mossberg 930 (M4 Super 90)
Mossberg 930 (SPAS-12)
MTs-255 (Ithaca 37)
Remington 870 (Ithaca 37)
Remington 870
SPAS12 (Remington 870)
Stevens M620 (Ithaca 37)
Super X3 (M4 Super 90)
TOZ-194 (Ithaca 37)
TOZ-194 (M4 Super 90)

Default Weapon Realism: If you don't have any skins, don't worry, I made a pack that has all the modified default weapon scripts (All the guns in the Legend).

Selective Fire (WSP): This is a mod that allows you to select firemodes on all your guns it allows Full-Automatic, Semi-Automatic and 3 Round Burst. It comes with a single key rotation: O ; Safety: P.
P.S. If a weapon script is not listed and you want it. Comment or message me the name of the gun and the weapon it replaces. Please comment if there are issues or even complaints.

Hope this clarifies things and thank you for downloading. Enjoy! - LoadedAK47
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