Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

DxaComigo 7 jul 2013 om 11:04nm
Pre-Order Price (answers in Portugese and English)
qual seria um valor justo pro game?
Laatst bewerkt door Tinabeans; 7 okt 2014 om 11:12vm
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Tinabeans  [ontwikkelaar] 7 jul 2013 om 11:45nm 
Hi there! I apologise, but I do not speak or read your language. :( Is it Portugese? I think you are asking what will be the price of the game? You can pre-order the game for $20USD here: http://predestinationgame.com/paypal.html
TK85 8 jul 2013 om 11:48vm 
Yes, he wrote in Portuguese from Brazil, and he's wondering what would be a fair price for the game.
$ 20USD is about 45 Reais, a very good price for a game in Brazil.

I will answer for it in Portuguese.

DxaComigo, ela não entende portugues. Ela entendeu que você esta perguntando o preço do jogo, por isso ela colocou o valor e o link para fazer a pré-compra.
Olha só, o jogo em dólares é 20, isso em reais dá mais ou menos 45, me parece um preço muito bom.
DxaComigo 8 jul 2013 om 3:56nm 
Yes i'm a Brazilian guy, tank's for your help.And yes, is a very nice price!
Tinabeans  [ontwikkelaar] 8 jul 2013 om 7:37nm 
Thanks so much for your helpful translation, Delane, and thanks so much for your interest, DxaComigo! :D
Pablo Gomes Kiipper 14 jan 2014 om 10:00vm 
It seems a very good game. I've been searching this kind of game and I got no lucky till now. Hope it gets released soon.
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