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Topluluk, bu oyuna olan desteğini gösterdi. Valve, oyunun Steam'de yayınlanması için geliştiriciyle irtibata geçti.

Soul Saga
Thanks for supporting Linux!:)
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Disastercake  [geliştirici] 2 Tem 2013 @ 22:25 
Haha, no problemo! =D
who uses linux
I am using it (but windows too)
En son Surakim tarafından düzenlendi; 8 Tem 2013 @ 22:02
İlk olarak Vault Boy tarafından gönderildi:
who uses linux
Um... a lot of people. Valve's Steambox will be running it too. I only run Linux Mint these days.
En son Genderfluid, Genderqueer, etc. tarafından düzenlendi; 9 Tem 2013 @ 5:30
Major +1 for Linux support, all I'm really waiting for is enough of the games I like to have native Linux support so I can get rid of my dual boot and get rid of Windows.
i hate windows, and would gladly ditch it completely were it not for my 250Gb+ of games on steam, most of which are microshaft only :-(
+1 linux user and gamer here
I will drop windows soon, nice to see linux support for this game. THX.
Best thing to have come out of Kickstarter in general is that so many games have Linux support as a stretch goal.

Many thanks. I'm one of those guys who does all of my 'work' in Linux, and boots into Windows only for my games - so it's a really nice touch.
En son Seltox tarafından düzenlendi; 27 Tem 2013 @ 20:03
+1 linux user gamer
thanks for support.
Disastercake  [geliştirici] 2 Eki 2013 @ 14:36 
No problem, I think it's important to support Linux. =)
I played and loved all JRPG that you mentioned, I look forward to this game
+1 thanks for linux support ^^
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12 yorumdan 1 ile 12 arası gösteriliyor
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