Questo gioco è stato approvato dalla Comunità!

La comunità ha mostrato il suo interesse per questo gioco. Valve si sta accordando con lo sviluppatore per il rilascio su Steam.

Soul Saga
Zach 1 lug 2013, ore 17:04
Thanks for supporting Linux!:)
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Disastercake  [sviluppatore] 2 lug 2013, ore 22:25 
Haha, no problemo! =D
Gandi Had Gonorrhea 8 lug 2013, ore 18:25 
who uses linux
Surakim 8 lug 2013, ore 22:02 
I am using it (but windows too)
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Zach 9 lug 2013, ore 5:29 
Messaggio originale di Vault Boy:
who uses linux
Um... a lot of people. Valve's Steambox will be running it too. I only run Linux Mint these days.
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SeraphicSoul 9 lug 2013, ore 8:32 
Major +1 for Linux support, all I'm really waiting for is enough of the games I like to have native Linux support so I can get rid of my dual boot and get rid of Windows.
Samuel 14 lug 2013, ore 10:39 
i hate windows, and would gladly ditch it completely were it not for my 250Gb+ of games on steam, most of which are microshaft only :-(
Treblinka 23 lug 2013, ore 11:16 
+1 linux user and gamer here
Orochi_Kyo 25 lug 2013, ore 21:02 
I will drop windows soon, nice to see linux support for this game. THX.
Seltox 27 lug 2013, ore 20:03 
Best thing to have come out of Kickstarter in general is that so many games have Linux support as a stretch goal.

Many thanks. I'm one of those guys who does all of my 'work' in Linux, and boots into Windows only for my games - so it's a really nice touch.
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アーロンᅚᅚ 27 set 2013, ore 12:02 
+1 linux user gamer
thanks for support.
Disastercake  [sviluppatore] 2 ott 2013, ore 14:36 
No problem, I think it's important to support Linux. =)
Sulex- 19 apr 2014, ore 7:19 
I played and loved all JRPG that you mentioned, I look forward to this game
+1 thanks for linux support ^^
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