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redzrex 24/out/2013 às 3:25
Purchase from Groupees
Will we get a Steam key upon this game got Greenlit?
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defaxer  [desenvolvedor(a)] 25/out/2013 às 1:49 
Hi, yes of course. If you redeem game on Desura, you will get access to Steam keys that will be available for all alpha owners.
MIND__LINK 26/out/2013 às 10:41 
good looks!
Balthier 1/nov/2013 às 3:04 
oh we won't get them through the groupees system it'll be on desura?
defaxer  [desenvolvedor(a)] 1/nov/2013 às 3:23 
While game is not greenlit I can't send any Steam keys, cause I simply don't have them. When game will be greenlit and released on Steam I will put free Steam keys on Desura for every alpha owner. That means every person owning game on Desura will automatically get Steam key
Zero Cool 3/nov/2013 às 1:32 
Do I have to activate the Desura key to get a Steam key later?
defaxer  [desenvolvedor(a)] 3/nov/2013 às 2:16 
Desura keys have no expiration date, but you'll have to activate it to get Steam key anyway
Balthier 11/nov/2013 às 9:01 
well what I meant I don't have desura installed I play drm free and wait for steam keys, other games in the past go through the groupees system when greenlit and a steam key shows up under the groupees bundle purchases. When the game is greenlit are you saying we have to have used the desura key to get a steam key you won't go through groupees system?
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defaxer  [desenvolvedor(a)] 11/nov/2013 às 11:08 
I'm don't know groupees system so well. If there is a way to do so then I will definitely go for it.
ShinDigPig 14/nov/2013 às 14:39 
you can make an account and get desura steam keys w/o installing desura @
pecet 3/ago/2014 às 3:56 
How about indie game stand keys?
First game needs to be released on Steam, but it takes so long....
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