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Mount Your Friends
How much would this game be?
I really think this game is awesome. I voted and I bought it on XBLA and it is amazingly fun. I think that the $1 price was cheap for what it is and I think it promotes it more with this low price. I think that on the pc, if you have constant updates (like minecraft) or new textures and stuff, that it should be a little bit more like $5. I think that more people would buy it even though it is a little more exepensive; because it is worth it for the content. Thank you for your thoughts.
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Ryche 13 czerwca 2013 o 20:55 
I think Its going to be around $90 bucks rofl
Western 13 czerwca 2013 o 21:16 
Yeah I Think $5.00 For The Game Would Be A Reasonable Price
Thanks for agreeing, because it really does seem reasonable. I'm also waiting for the developers ideas on this concept to see what they think.
unlessimwrong 14 czerwca 2013 o 16:04 
I would pay no more then 10.00 for this game
❃Emsraven❃ 15 czerwca 2013 o 2:59 
Nosty 15 czerwca 2013 o 12:32 
hopefully free
It's only like $1 on XBLA. But I'd pay a max of $5.
eatablecookie 15 czerwca 2013 o 18:26 
$1 cause on xbox 90 points = a doller
AnalPancakes 16 czerwca 2013 o 4:00 
bastard_child 17 czerwca 2013 o 9:37 
Teddy 17 czerwca 2013 o 9:39 
on xbox its 80 microsoft points and 80 mp is 1 dololar so maybe 0.99-2.50 would be a good price
❃Emsraven❃ 17 czerwca 2013 o 9:39 
Toobyyy 17 czerwca 2013 o 10:03 
so $1.00 and for me i live in britain so £1.00
Bleu 18 czerwca 2013 o 11:13 
+5.00s. 10 would be my limit
GaudyBaubles 20 czerwca 2013 o 9:04 
$3 would make for a great impulse buy, personally.
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