Deze software heeft een groen licht gekregen van de Community!

De community heeft zijn interesse getoond in deze software. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaar benaderd om zich voor te bereiden om de software op Steam uit te brengen.

FL Studio
Frit_/x/ 8 jun 2013 om 2:00vm
FL with Lifetime Update
I have the "Lifetime Update" will this work too on steam?
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Lukeme9X (Duck) 10 jun 2013 om 10:37vm 
Did you install the reg key to make FL work? (That little file you had to install) Then yes, you get LIFETIMES FOREVER!
Frit_/x/ 13 jun 2013 om 2:07nm 
i mean is this working for the steam version too?
m3m3nt0 14 jun 2013 om 12:57vm 
Steam version will be the same (except for the default install folder, which is different) so 99.9999999% likely that the answer is yes).
Picks 'n' Kicks (Terrum) 29 jun 2013 om 2:37nm 
I'm pretty sure what he means is, he's bought FL Studio before, will he be able to use it on Steam for free.
Captain Russian 1 jul 2013 om 6:10nm 
Pretty likely he will never be able to do so.
Frit_/x/ 2 jul 2013 om 4:35vm 
i got the box edition with the lifetime update, when i go to the homepoage and log me in, i can downlode the Key for FL. ..any version! But i was thinging that the steam version is different to the box version. Thank you for the answers, we will see if this work too. ^^
Picks 'n' Kicks (Terrum) 2 jul 2013 om 10:23vm 
Honestly I highly doubt it. FL Studio will probably not offer Steam keys for current customers.
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