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WelshPixie  [utvecklare] 4 jun, 2013 @ 2:40
Q&A - Answering Your Questions
"I really love trailer, but I think that you need to work more with motion and animation."

The game itself is a bit more animated than how it appears in the trailer - it's a bit hard to see from the trailer video though. We've uploaded another video that shows one in-game scene with some stuff happening - watch it here That's still very very early development though - there's still a lot of work for us to do.

"Will there be voice acting?"

No, there won't be any voice acting. We think bad voice acting is the best way to kill a game quickly and we don't want to take the risk - even professional voice acting in big games can be really distracting sometimes, and we don't have a professional budget. We'd rather leave characters' voices to the player's imagination than risk spoiling the game.

"Also if you would do a Kickstarter campaign i would most properly pledge =)"

We have an {LÄNK BORTTAGEN}! We're in South Africa, and Kickstarter is UK or USA only - there are ways around it, but Indiegogo was a better alternative than groping our way into a kickstarter since they let us use our South African bank account as well as PayPal to receive payments.

"este juego me gustaria jugarlo parece entretenido y divertido"

¡Gracias! Nos gustaría ofrecer el juego en diferentes idiomas - tal vez eso es algo que podemos mirar en si nuestro juego tiene éxito.

"Slightly concerned about episodic/act-based release due to price point. You guys have an idea on how much each act will cost?"

We're funding Act 1 on {LÄNK BORTTAGEN} because it lets us get started, and ask for less, than funding the whole thing in one go. The lowest perk tier on IGG that gets you Act 1 is $10, which includes a wallpaper pack and is higher priced than Act 1 itself will be when released. We're planning three acts, each one priced at $5 separately, or $13 for the set.

"how can you dontate sounds really cool"

{LÄNK BORTTAGEN} :D We're on a flexible funding campaign (WHY we're on that campaign mode is explained in the IGG text) and IGG lets you contribute with both PayPal and credit card.

We'll answer more questions as you present them. Thank you everyone for your interest in this game - point-and-click is a very niche genre and we didn't think we'd get nearly this much interest on Steam. Yay!
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