Saxton H Mascot
[GRA] The guy with no ears 2013年9月10日 9時02分
Crafting recipe
should it be crafted with all the mascot heads,like the halloween masks?
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Rx2 the Lost Run 6月12日 17時27分 
bakersman128 6月16日 15時02分 
Yeah thats what these should be.
Dell Conagher 8月16日 3時00分 
level94836 8月19日 16時08分 
no, not really, this is because the mascots are plnned to be an all class hat put into one, but the importer woulndt allow it.
Captain Krunk 11月25日 16時59分 
I like the idea. c: Maybe it'll be part of 2015's Halloween special?
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