Saxton H Mascot
[MB]Dr.Worm 10 sep 2013 om 9:02vm
Crafting recipe
should it be crafted with all the mascot heads,like the halloween masks?
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Do You Even Barbare Bro? (Rx2) 12 jun 2014 om 5:27nm 
Bakersman128 16 jun 2014 om 3:02nm 
Yeah thats what these should be.
Lothor The Blacksmith 16 aug 2014 om 3:00vm 
level94836 19 aug 2014 om 4:08nm 
no, not really, this is because the mascots are plnned to be an all class hat put into one, but the importer woulndt allow it.
[null] 25 nov 2014 om 4:59nm 
I like the idea. c: Maybe it'll be part of 2015's Halloween special?
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