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World of Diving
Vertigo Games  [geliştirici] 30 May 2013 @ 11:08am
Help decide the first campaign setting?
We have been planning to make "The Caribbean" our first campaign setting.
But before we make that decision we would like to know what you guys think!

So tell us where you would like to go diving the most:
a) Antarctica, because I'm really cool.
b) East of Australia, mate!
c) The Caribbean, man.
d) I'd like to lose myself in the Bermuda triangle.
e) No way! I'd rather go to ...
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Lunatix 30 May 2013 @ 11:12am 
The Caribbean
Sgt. Brony 30 May 2013 @ 12:20pm 
D. the Bermuda triangle because there are so many options and famous deep sea recks you can explore.
MeeMdoc 1 Haz 2013 @ 10:53am 
C, The Caribbean
jessecheshier 1 Haz 2013 @ 11:36am 
a, antarctica cause the environment would be somewhere most dive games never let u go cause its not sunny and paradise
zrtino 2 Haz 2013 @ 3:33pm 
D the bermuda triangle because there r so many mystries
lolrocker1 2 Haz 2013 @ 5:55pm 
The first level needs to be something simple and calming to help get the base of the game across and help players learn the controls. Honestly i would pick the first level as a diving training pool.
Confused Potato 2 Haz 2013 @ 11:18pm 
Either east of australia, or the bemuda triangle.
Caribbean would be great too.
Maybe even all 4?
Daryl Dixon 3 Haz 2013 @ 4:41am 
I reckon anywhere nice and tropical would be cool...BUT you guys should also add rescue swimming?? like if someones boat capsizes and they nearly drown or do drown and you go rescue them, even shark attacks :) lol sorry I went a little off topic but yeh
Vertigo Games  [geliştirici] 4 Haz 2013 @ 7:26am 
@GΣПΣЯΛᄂWe will definitely include optional tutorials so players can familiarize themselves with the controls. A training pool seems like a nice location, or maybe some shallow and calm ocean waters so we can also introduce some of the more exciting game mechanics (like dealing with sharks) in due time.

@Dixon going off topic is highly appreciated. Independent of its location, we will add a variety of missions...and rescue missions of both people and dolphins that have been caught in a net to us seem like they have a lot of narrative potential.

So far, the votes (here, in the youtube comments and on the Indiegogo campaign site) are tied between the Carribean, the Bermuda Triangle and Antartica.

Not many votes for east australia, so far. No fans of the Great Barrier Reef around then?
Spartan Ambrose 4 Haz 2013 @ 6:38pm 
East Australia would be nice, actually; though I would probably enjoy each of those choices, anyway.
Chadlupa 5 Haz 2013 @ 4:34am 
I'm voting for the Great Barrier Reef and East Australia! I've taken a few scuba lessons and it was amazing. Take me to virtual Australia mate! :)
River of Dreams 5 Haz 2013 @ 10:12pm 
The Bermuda Triangle has lots of room for all kinds of mysteriousness. The place has an edge to it, and some potential for creepiness even. So I vote for that. Also I hope some form of optional PvP will be added to the game, treasure hunting can be a bloody competitive affair, no? Heheh.

IMO the Triangle just has a lot of potential for unexpected elements that could make a richer game.
En son River of Dreams tarafından düzenlendi; 5 Haz 2013 @ 10:14pm
Daryl Dixon 6 Haz 2013 @ 4:41am 
Thanks for replying! :D really excited. Great barrier reef would be awesome to see as well, very nice location!
Vertigo Games  [geliştirici] 6 Haz 2013 @ 6:44am 
@River of Dreams I take it you wouldn't mind a mythic sea monster or two than?
Including some mystery seems to fit quite well with the overall concept, but for now we'll keep the details...a mystery. ; )
tedeaoliveiras 7 Haz 2013 @ 5:27pm 
Brasil please !!!!
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