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World of Diving
Looking good - some suggestions.
Keeping an eye on this one. I like the concept, I enjoyed the Endless Ocean games (despite the misleading name) because there is just something beautiful and breathtaking about swimming next to whales and such, even if it's just a game - not to mention how awesome games like this could be on the Occulus Rift (which will open so many doors for simulation games in particular).

Add legendary stuff, like the bones of a Megalodon, or an ancient whale (like Endless Ocean 1 with the Mother or whatever it was - you had to beat the game to see it and it was kinda worth it), some treasures - things to really discover, maybe via clues and such. Maybe having to get away from Predators. Etc. I'm not saying it should be just like Endless Ocean, but I liked some of that game's ideas (even the second one where you could collect fish and such to help a massive personal Aquarium) and think they should be implemented in such a way as to feel natural so it doesn't lose its SIM roots, but adds more than just swimming to the same 10 or more/less reefs over and over again, which could lose its luster somewhat fast.

Also I would deck your island with the Blue Shark Diving out with much more foliage. Groups of palms with grass and bushes, rocks, etc. beneath them - multiple "set pieces" so to speak. I'm graduating soon for Environment Design in Game Art and Design and thats how I work anyway - set up a base look with one of each finished prop already placed, then create set pieces with the clutter/foliage/etc. and duplicate those around, combine them, etc. to make a big, lush, badass looking set.

The World Building (which is what I was talking about above) part for an island about as big as your Blue Shark one (might be bigger than what the picture shows though so forgive me if I'm off) would take about an hour or two. You already have a palm, a small tree, a bush - make some grass real quick (might want to add some spots of grass to your sand texture on the ground too, just small spots like around the perimeter of the building and stuff which would be like 45 mins of texture work, then add some actual 3D foliage grass to those areas), a few rocks, and then go to town. Maybe make some ivy that can hang from the building overhang/sign (or grow from the ground up the sides in certain parts of your building). Some dried coconut decorations could also hang from the overhang of your building in certain spots, like near the supports on each side. Maybe a wind chime (with sound when you get close enough to it). Also, I know you mentioned you were gonna make as many different environment types as you could and such, so I'm sure you know this but still - since your game is focusing on underwater stuff, you gotta go nuts with the Corals, the Seaweed, etc. - make it insanely lush with a huge variety of different seaweed types, massive Kelp forests that hide secrets like a small hole in the ground that you can fit through that opens to a huge underwater cavern full of bioluminescent plants or water spores or something (would be amazing if you add physics to the seaweed/kelp/etc. so that when you swim through them your body pushes them to the side), etc. etc. etc. I could do this all day. ;)

Stuff like that - the details. I'm sure you know all that though, it's pretty early, lol. Just felt I should mention it.

There were also some other good suggestions like "danger" events (air supply, etc.) which would add to what I posted above about escaping predators. This is also a good idea, but maybe it could be switched on and off via a difficulty thing, or a "mode" setting (hardcore mode has danger events that could cause death, etc. - other modes have predators but none of the damage stuff so the game stays SIM, or whatevs).

Anyway looking good so far! I'll keep an eye on this as I said, upvote it when I see a bit more.

Sorry for the LONG post!

PS - I also think you should re-name the game. Too many "World of _______" games (well, a few known ones anyway, World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, etc.) and it feels like it deserves a more creative title than that. If I think of anything I'll toss it here, even if you're not thinking of renaming it, lol.
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Vertigo Games  [developer] May 27, 2013 @ 9:55am 
Hi Temu,

Don't worry about the long post. Your feedback is much appreciated, and I'll try to give you the detailed response it deserves.

First, we will definitely add unique sites to discover, similar to the Megalodon bones you're talking about. Some of these will be added to the campaign, and some of these will just be...out there, waiting for you to discover them.

Also, we see a bit of our own enthusiasm reflected in your description of how we could make the stuff both above and below the water look even more amazing. Our procedural generation system will play a huge part in this; it will allow the amount of set pieces to scale neatly to the available system resources. The pieces themselves, and their (broad) placement will still be under artist control of course.
We might post an in-depth (excuse the pun) article about this later. Would that be something you might find interesting?

Based on the feedback so far, we are thinking of adding two gameplay modes: "Simulation" and "Exploration". In the former you will have realistic dangers, equipment problems, caisson disease, that sort of thing, whereas in the latter you can just focus on things like exploring, racing for treasure and having fun with your friends.

Regarding the title; it's been a matter of some discussion within our team. We wanted a name that said "big" and "open" and "together" without becoming too long. It's rather difficult to change it now, but we're certainly open to suggestions!

Once again, thanks for your post, and welcome to the community!

- The Vertigo Team -
Pink Foxy 69 May 29, 2013 @ 2:20pm 
Pink Foxy 69 May 29, 2013 @ 2:25pm 
in this game you should add into the simulation modes choises of how to dive like in shark cages e.t.c and have upgrades for both modes like for instance oxygen tank upgrades and make sure you have a few weapons for me to fight of the sharks with because i am so freakin scared of them. This will be a great game and like i said before please add a demo it would be great to try it out thanks please reply back bye for now!!!!
Gixxer Jax Jun 3, 2013 @ 5:05am 
It would also be nice to see some possible rescue swimming/assisting? Lets say if you play multiplayer and your friend forgets to check their O2 levels, you could help them out and give them that extra reg to breath from? Or even drag people to the surface of the water for a rescue boat to arrive? (if you misplaced your boat) Obviously with scuba diving there are risks, big risk of drowning, equipment malfunctions as you have said, and could add the bends when surfacing too quick etc, so maybe some cool animations, blurry screen, screen black out to show the seriousness? I can sorta see the idea of helping drowning people out being a little difficult to incorporate but hey, open suggestions right?
Hyperspace Jump Jun 8, 2013 @ 12:06pm 
Sail boats. That's what I would like to see. Maybe use either a motor or a sail. :-)
Sorry it took me so long to respond! I've been really busy with school and graduation.

I really appreciate the long response, I figured you guys had plans for some cool stuff - a lot of my enthusiasm comes from being an Environment Artist myself (recent graduate) - it's a field that's not quite sought after now because most people want to do Character Design and so forth, which is cool and something I can do as well, but I just want to make beautiful landscapes and architecture for people to look at. So yeah, it's definitely the first thing I check out in a game - not the graphics per se, but the layout, the variety, the way things move, etc.

Definitely looking forward to see what you guys do with this. I don't think there are enough underwater exploration/diving sims out there so this is refreshing. Hopefully there are LOTS of different creatures to see as well, both massive and small - and I hope you add a "Deep Sea" area as well, to see all the crazy scary stuff and bioluminescent creatures - maybe the mysterious Giant Squid, or maybe you'll catch a Sperm Whale doing a food dive, etc. Terrifying but awesome!

As for the name, haha, no worries it was just something I was tossing out there. There's nothing wrong with it, but you know what I mean. =)
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It would be cool to have a place to donate to the development process.
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