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Of Guards And Thieves
Helba  [ontwikkelaar] 22 mei 2013 om 11:19vm
[WIP/Showcase] New Map screenshots
Hi guys, here's some screenshots[www.subvertgames.com] from the new map "Military Camp" which will be available soon.

The map is designed for the classic mode "steal the object", but it will be playable even in other game modes, as soon as they are ready.

Feel free to give us advice or requests, and thank you all for playing the game!
Laatst bewerkt door Subvert Games; 22 mei 2013 om 11:32vm
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Meow~ 24 mei 2013 om 12:40nm 
I love this!
//-\\ras 25 jun 2013 om 9:09vm 
xX_SwagNemite#YOLO420_Xx 3 aug 2013 om 11:33nm 
not bad not bad
nakednazi 18 aug 2013 om 1:06vm 
xX_SwagNemite#YOLO420_Xx 18 aug 2013 om 4:22vm 
Blue Nikodem 13 okt 2013 om 1:30nm 
Cool and Nice Work
xX_SwagNemite#YOLO420_Xx 13 okt 2013 om 9:02nm 
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