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Mr Headshot95 2013 年 08 月 22 日 @ 下午 4 時 58 分
Don't know if you get to see the comments, so I'll start a thread. Any and all who join in constructively will help make his mod better, so do so!

Some things I found that could be fixed:

Dead tank cooking off: *way* too loud. Sounds like gears grinding on a jumbo jet engine for 30+ seconds heard anywhere on the map.

Tanks themselves: I don't think the gun/cannon affects were altered, and the shells for HE don't produce shrapnel. Granted, they aren't exactly shrapnel shells, but there should be some shrapnel. AP should have very little shrapnel, if only when it hits a tank and doesn't penetrate.

Mounted Maxim 1910: Sound and animation were buggy as hell when I tested it out on Commissar'sHouse. MG34 seemed to be fine on Barashka
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dibbler67  [開發人員] 2013 年 08 月 22 日 @ 下午 5 時 20 分 
I like the idea of fragmenting AP shells. I might have a few ideas there... I do in fact see comments and I just replied to yours.
Mr Headshot95 2013 年 08 月 22 日 @ 下午 6 時 30 分 
Just adding this from the comments page

Steilhandgranate: Shouldn't have much shrapnel, but maybe an artificial larger blast radius(?). Had a very thin head, and killed by concussive force with little of the case remaining.
Mr Headshot95 2013 年 08 月 22 日 @ 下午 9 時 29 分 
Haven't actually tested this out in-game, as it's hard to get bots to cooperate! But I thought it might be something that you would want to know about.

Any .45 ACP weapon (I think only the Thompson and M1911):

The bullets should not have a supersonic crack when they go near someone, as the .45 ACP cartridge is naturally subsonic. Don't know how you want to approach this or even if it's worth fixing, just pointing it out.
Mr Headshot95 2013 年 08 月 22 日 @ 下午 10 時 25 分 
Found something in Rising Storm you might want to take a look at:

Booby trap grenades have no shrapnel effect. Don't know if you wanted it like that to keep some balancing but I thought it was worth mentioning.
dibbler67  [開發人員] 2013 年 08 月 25 日 @ 下午 2 時 40 分 
I can address the .45 issue pretty easily actually. As for the booby traps, that was a conscious decision. It'd be annoying to be TK'd by a guy stepping on one from far away. Plus irl there might not be much shrapnel because they look to be mostly buried in the ground.
Mr Headshot95 2013 年 08 月 25 日 @ 下午 4 時 06 分 
Yea, I figured the booby traps were made that way on purpose but I was just checking to make sure.

How will you fix the .45? Interested in how that works.

Just got situated in a new room, so I haven't been on for a few days. I will get back to checking things bit by bit.
Mr Headshot95 2013 年 08 月 31 日 @ 下午 9 時 11 分 
Here's an idea: is it possible to create an extra amount of shrapnel when blowing up objectives/doors (especially doors) with satchels?

Is it possible to do the same (on a lesser scale) when blowing up tanks?
Mr Headshot95 2013 年 08 月 31 日 @ 下午 10 時 04 分 
When having a "blackout" death the character models, after talking while standing, only squirm after they've fallen. Don't know if you can/want to change it to something else but thought you might want to know
最後修改者:Mr Headshot95; 2013 年 08 月 31 日 @ 下午 10 時 05 分
Mr Headshot95 2013 年 09 月 28 日 @ 下午 6 時 12 分 
Honestly, the only other thing I can find is that the Germans' mounted MG is a little too loud. The sound itself is fine, but the noise level is almost painful

It sounds great though, just about finished. I'll keep searching though.

Great work, dibbler!
最後修改者:Mr Headshot95; 2013 年 09 月 28 日 @ 下午 6 時 15 分
rammstein7033 2013 年 10 月 26 日 @ 下午 1 時 48 分 
its an amzing great mod!!
But i cant find the server to play it?
TWB*SamColt 2014 年 02 月 2 日 @ 下午 1 時 55 分 
Is there a list of weapons that still need to be changed from stock sounds? Noticed the PPS-42 and another in a map yesterday, I assume you guys know already but a list of things you already know about would be good. (Sorry if you've done one and I've not noticed:)
dibbler67  [開發人員] 2014 年 02 月 2 日 @ 下午 8 時 27 分 
PPS-42 as you note, the Maxim HMG, tank hull MGs, and any weapon that has a single shot alternative fire sound. There are a few unchanged RS sounds as well, but I can't remember them atm.
[BR]Edward III 2014 年 02 月 9 日 @ 上午 3 時 58 分 
I would like to ask: where can I find a server running this mod?
Dusk 2014 年 02 月 9 日 @ 上午 4 時 10 分 
Go in your Unranked serverbrowser and look for the name of the mod.But there is nobody online. See you maybe on the Battlefield
最後修改者:Dusk; 2014 年 02 月 10 日 @ 下午 12 時 19 分
Tyler Ilyin 2014 年 02 月 9 日 @ 下午 12 時 25 分 
Can you fix soviet uniforms to true colors? Its outrageous how bright the summer uniforms are, and that they still have the brightly-colored prewar collar tabs.
If you decide to and need any help, ask me. I own uniform myself
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