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Teslagrad Speedrun Contest
General thread for the contest, post your time and recordings.

I myself don't have nor time (already moved on another game) nor patience to do speedrun, but after seeing few runs I noticed people keep making same mistakes so I though I did share few tips how to save time:


First one is pretty much failsafe and easy to do ad even if you fail you always can do quick-restart since it just beginning.

Second one is pure luck. It really takes a lot of practice to be able to make it (after almost a hour of practice I managed to get only 7 out of 10 successful runs) and not exactly worth a restart since you save around 1-2 seconds.

The third one isn't that hard either but it is not failsafe - there is a chance that you can fail first quick blink. But once you passed it - it is easy to finish it quickly.

While making this compilation I realized another possible shortcut that can save time but I need to test it first. Not sure if I get around it but curious if anyone else spotted it.
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Edword  [développeur] 22 août 2013 à 8h04 
Soooo nice. I've shared it on our social networks ;). Thanks!
JanuZ 22 août 2013 à 15h18 
As I posted in http://teslagrad.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=175&pid=957#pid957 I have now added these changes to my run except for the caterpillar hit though I do try. I generally make it to the caterpillar but getting up quickly enough to punch the beam is very hard. I have managed 8:36 while missing the chandelier jumps at the end so the time would have been 8:42 with those jumps made. I believe about 3 more seconds can be saved on that time without the caterpillar and 7 with it or an optimal time about 8:35 unless more shortcuts are found.

There is one more minor route change that I have found but it is way to risky for just a second saved. It is to drop down and blink straight to the overhang before dropping down to the second to last scroll. I have also added some more blinks at diffrent places for minor time saves through out my run compared to my 9:10 video on youtube.
Rainypete  [développeur] 27 août 2013 à 4h31 
There is one trick of mine that I have yet to see in use. When battling Fernus you can stack blocks on top of each other and make them repell from each other. This makes it so you do not have to wait for the beam before feeding Fernus.
Haha, I actually have it in mind for a while and wanted to try this and see how much time you could save, yes. May be later.

Although, I doubt it will be more than 2, max 3 seconds.
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