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Grazie per averci aiutato a selezionare questo gioco per la distribuzione tramite Steam. Ulteriori informazioni, incluso un collegamento alla pagina del Negozio di Steam, sono disponibili in basso.

seems nice
veru nice
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i hope it makes to steam
with the quality of the game and solid concept don't see why this shouldn't make its way out of greenlight
Seems interesting
reminds me braid, love it
Rawrbomb  [sviluppatore] 17 mag 2013, ore 12:21 
Thank you for all your support, duders! *magnetic high five*
i hope they add it
Very nice indeed.
Looks really good :3 might want it if it's on steam
It doesn't look very interesting to me, but I voted yes, because the graphics and audio are superb. I would like more quality productions on Steam. I wish this game's developer good luck.
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