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Javier Franco 16 mai 2013 à 16h08
seems nice
veru nice
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El'Thia GO 16 mai 2013 à 18h18 
i hope it makes to steam
Zekilla 17 mai 2013 à 0h01 
Yes indeed!
Brutal Hamster 17 mai 2013 à 0h45 
Arcaen Runic 17 mai 2013 à 0h53 
with the quality of the game and solid concept don't see why this shouldn't make its way out of greenlight
Swoosh 17 mai 2013 à 7h41 
cool game
Gandalf The White 17 mai 2013 à 8h54 
Seems interesting
trafalgar 17 mai 2013 à 10h32 
reminds me braid, love it
Rawrbomb  [développeur] 17 mai 2013 à 12h21 
Thank you for all your support, duders! *magnetic high five*
Finn Bálor 17 mai 2013 à 18h21 
i hope they add it
AndreMdC 17 mai 2013 à 22h31 
en algo!
僕はゴ-さんが愛してる 17 mai 2013 à 23h23 
rynz500 19 mai 2013 à 22h05 
Very nice indeed.
SheldonTheMagicalFlyingTortoise 20 mai 2013 à 13h57 
Looks really good :3 might want it if it's on steam
Fknight "Durarara♫" 21 mai 2013 à 12h25 
Not bad
Syrsly 22 mai 2013 à 23h48 
It doesn't look very interesting to me, but I voted yes, because the graphics and audio are superb. I would like more quality productions on Steam. I wish this game's developer good luck.
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