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Ethan: Meteor Hunter
Batsly 2013. dec. 19. @ de. 9:59
If I buy Ethan on Groupees will I get a Steam Key even if the game is not released yet ?
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Nekosama 2013. dec. 19. @ du. 1:21 
Nope, you will get you steamkey once the game will be fully released on steam. Sometimes it could pass a couple of days, sometimes months.
In this case i guess we will have them soon enough. Game seems AMAZING and i'm SURE that it will be grenlit very very soon!
Batsly 2013. dec. 19. @ du. 1:37 
Hope too , I did not pay to own it only on Groupees
Shoppa 2013. dec. 19. @ du. 2:18 
Yes we will get the key 100% sure.

I can't wait till it comes on steam tho ;d
Toobs - Camel.Toad 2013. dec. 19. @ du. 7:13 
Batsly eredeti hozzászólása:
Hope too , I did not pay to own it only on Groupees

well then, you shouldnt have bought it.
its a greenlight title, which means there arent any guarantees it will even be on Steam.
although im pretty positive this will because its a great game.
Batsly 2013. dec. 19. @ du. 10:05 
I believe
Seaven Studio  [Fejlesztő] 2013. dec. 24. @ de. 4:05 
Hey guys! We're 28th at the moment so hopefully Ethan will be soon available on Steam! And YES we'll give you a steam key as soon as available, thanks for your support and please let your friends know that you enjoy the game :)

If you don't well, just tell us why :P

Happy holidays!
Batsly 2013. dec. 24. @ de. 5:27 
Cooool , I love you Seaven Studio
K-Boom 2014. jan. 5. @ du. 2:42 
The game is good, I hope it is greenlit then released soon :)
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