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Jimi' 22 Jul, 2013 às 15:40
is Free?
is free
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Quel 23 Jul, 2013 às 11:39 
Very free,,,,,,,,,,
Free like Amerika,,,,,,,,,,,,

Jimi' 23 Jul, 2013 às 13:48 
Hahahaha -.-"
RIP Reinhardt, You son of a gun 9 Ago, 2013 às 22:32 
Why would it be free? The developers are indie, they obviously dont have the time and money to make a game, put it on greenlight, then just give it out.

If you meant free to play, that wouldn't work. F2P games are usually MMOs. What would you pay for in this?
Última alteração por RIP Reinhardt, You son of a gun; 9 Ago, 2013 às 22:32
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