The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Slut 2014年2月8日 23時54分
If you add the ability to open the door to the TARDIS (prop), you will feel realistic TARDIS. If open the door, and instead of more inside, then it will be some white image, when you go inside, the player gets in the interior. So synchronize the door and when the player is inside, behind the door (open) will be "white image".
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ShatteredSteel  [開発者] 2014年2月9日 9時59分 
A good idea; unfortunately It'd require animating the door, which I have no idea how to do
Slut 2014年2月9日 23時16分 
try searching in the main doors of the buildings. I have this idea was proposed to addon on Gmod. Basically, like all =)
Slut 2014年2月9日 23時17分 
If you do not find animations contact with other developers. They will help you
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