Portal 2
Time Travel Concept Puzzles
This. Map. Is. Amazing.
Title says all.
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Risare 2013年5月2日上午9:43 
Great! But maybe except of this: see screenshot
Nice catch!
Tmast98  [开发者] 2013年5月2日下午2:57 
@redordoresso, good job! This map does indeed use World Portals, so this is inevitable. There was no way for me to fix this.
ProbeIke 2013年5月2日下午3:55 
Wait what exactly is ocurring? When you look through portals the aging effects do not appear, only when you move through portals?
BearTek 2013年5月3日下午1:51 
引用自 Redordoresso
Great! But maybe except of this: see screenshot
Would appear as the alternate location is too close, so you can see the camera. No way to stop this (I would think). Remember, the portals are just camera actors, but with portal 2, they highlight. So it would have to be that both the clean area and the dirty area would be in the same map, just different location coords.
......... 2013年5月3日下午2:44 
Este mapa me Voló el Bocho

This map Blown my mind
Anna  [开发者] 2013年5月15日下午2:45 
i liked this map a lot and i didnt realize it was YOU who made it :D your truly AMAZING :O *in awe*
MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chase Gamer 2014年4月14日上午8:04 
please make part 2, this is one of the best maps i've ever seen
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