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Wildfire Worlds
Full modsupport, and diffrent modes.
I was wondering wouldnt it be great to have full mod support, want the rioters to be really strong but few of them? You got it! want to be the police? YOU GOT IT if you have the skill and time to mod it you can mod everything you want in, create your own game. it would be fantastic with mod suporrt. 2. Diffrent modes, i possibly cant be the only one thinking it would be fun with zombies, Para-military, or just another military or mutants, or being the goverment or Future nazis., or with aliens (realistic ones not 80s martians ones, realism ones like in crysis) it could be amazing to have a huge city just rotting with animals running around and stuff and you controlling crysis-like aliens patrolling the city and such untill you notice something, a group of 4 survivors with leafs and such on their uniforms running aroundw ith rifles and pistols searching for food trying to hide from the aliens as they search for animals or something else so you send them over and they fight each other, and three flees while they have to leave one getting ripped to pieces by the aliens, while they look back scared and sad over they have to leave him for their own survival, so its all sandboxy and the humans who once was the ones hunting you, is getting hunted by you trying to find food and such, POssibly ww2 mabye in occupied paris one would be cool where instead of anarchists you lead resistance attempting to get weaponry, contacts food and contraband, oh boy, i got abit off topic i guess, but complete this game and you got so much to build on with to continue with it EDIT: feel free to discuss but keep it clean please.
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rantell Oct 13, 2013 @ 4:51pm 
yes, i think the same, workshop plis!
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