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Damned: A Randomized Online Competitive/Cooperative Horror Game
Sleeper Jan 9, 2014 @ 3:13am
Monster idea (inspired by The Thing)
I've actually seen several ideas of shape-shifting monsters, showing how much demand there is for one which could add even more originality to the gameplay. Here are two possible versions I'd like to see:

You have two forms: the physical monster form, and the human form. You can't attack anyone while in human form. Your model is identical to the other humans - but when a flashlight is shone on the shapeshifted monster/human, it casts the shadow of the monster. The trap system would need to be incorporated, so you could either let the physical monster form set traps or create a version that has an etheral/physical/human form (which may be too much?)

The second version that I like is much closer to The Thing. You start as a physical monster, then when you claim a victim you can shapeshift into them. The victim's corpse would still be visible and you would still hear their death scream, but their death would not show up on the HUD for the other players. Chat could also be crucial here - perhaps muting text/audio chat from dead players? While the monster is shapeshifted, you wouldn't be able to attack and you would walk at the same speed as the survivors. I think the human with the monster shadow could be a good idea here as well.

(I was thinking how to do the monster/human shadows on a technical level; create duplicate models of the humans with cast shadows disabled, attach an invisible monster model to the duplicate model that still casts shadows?)

Anyway, these are just general ideas and I wouldn't have any idea how balanced they would be, but I would love to see some human disguising in the game.