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Reprisal Universe
Reprisal and Linux
Update: May 2013

If you would to help get Reprisal to Linux you can try out the Beta version of the game. Help us by letting us know how it run's and any problems you find. The most current build can be downloaded from here:

Link updated 30 May 2013
Due to over ambitious publishing restrictions a time trial was in the last build, this has been removed on this new link. Apologies :D


This version of Reprisal does NOT require AIR installed!
Please leave any feedback below and thank you all for helping

In some cases, Users must apply the correct permissions to the Compiled Projector. This can be done by executing the following command from the System Shell:

"chmod a+x Reprisal - Linux beta v6"

Applying the 'chmod' will grant the application the correct permissions and enable it to run.

Build Notes:
- br6 - Removed time trial limit!!!
- br5 - Exit button fixed, other tweaks ...
- br4 - Renamed form, changed full screen launch settings
- br3 - Added full screen
- br2 - Correct path to application error
- br1 - First test release for Linux without the need for AIR

Known issues:
- Exit button does not work in game
- No right click support

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There have been a few requests about Reprisal being available for Linux platforms, there is currently a standalone version of Reprisal for Linux based on Adobe AIR. Since Adobe ceased updating the AIR platform for Linux it was felt that we couldn't provide a smooth enough experience as far as the end user is concerned. It requires the player to install the last AIR release from Adobe, 2.6, on their system before it can be played.

If there is a demand then we can happily release this version and can be made available. We are looking into alternative publishing methods to bring Reprisal to the Linux platform in a more robust way!

If your a Linux user and would like Reprisal please just add a comment here to let us know the demand and we will of course keep you all posted in our efforts.

Thanks for your interest! :D

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