Midas Magic Evolved v17.1
Blast Lord Sep 8, 2013 @ 8:24pm
Coming Soon: Endgame System for those who are Max Level
For those who are max level and sees the mobs are too low well look no more we're planing on adding an endgame system for the max level players which will have endgame Radiant Dungeons, Endgame Radiant Questlines, Endgame Dungeons with a own storyline for the endgame dungeon, Endgame major questline for the final dungeon for Midas Magic Evolved.

When you completed an Endgame Radiant questline you'll be rewarded special tokens for completing an endgame radiant questline called Hero Tokens also will be droped on endgame radiant bosses in those dungeons which you can spend to get rare and powerful armor, weapons, spells, Midas Spells, Recipes, Trinkets, etc. Also another special token called The Midas Token which will only drop on last bosses "Except for the Final Dungeon for the iconic bosses on our big mod Project".
The Midas tokens will only drop 5 per endgame last boss kill. The Midas Token will get you even more powerful and stronger equipment and such then the Hero Tokens which will get a total of 10 Hero Tokens.
The Midas Token vendor will also have Armor sets for your classes to make things more interisting for our big mod project for you level 100+ players who play on Legendary difficulty. The Final Dungeon will be a major endgame dungeon which will feel like a Raid like on WoW which the iconic bosses who are on our big mod project will drop more hero Tokens and more Midas Tokens then the radiant endgame bosses and endgame last bosses.
The bosses on the Major Final Dungeon of our big mod project will drop 10 Midas tokens and 20 Hero Tokens to make things balance but the bosses will be difficult too beat not too difficult just enough to make it feel like a raid boss like on World of Warcraft.
If anyone has any suggestions or questions just leave your comment right here.
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Blast Lord Sep 8, 2013 @ 8:39pm 
When I say Sets I mean sets which will be on our big mod project for those who want endgame stuff which will be on our big mod project
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