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Team Fortress 2

Bad Bacon
dpg212012  [developer] Apr 7, 2013 @ 9:51pm
Thanks for all the feedback... more on Bad Bacon
First off thanks everyone for voting us to the top of the Pyro's headgear!

This item is not an Amnesia or Manhunt item, but the references to these cool games is appreciated.

We see a few people are grossed out by the realness of the stitches so we are working on a less toned down version that is more in sync with the TF2 aesthetic. We hope the current version can make it in, but if it does not then we have a back up in the works.

There is an entire set behind this mask complete with a new weapon. If you have comments please reply to this this thread or check us out on facebook and talk about it there. We're listening!

Dawn Patrol Games
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