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Agarest: Generations of War
possible release date?
any news or info about the release date? since it's already a finished game porting to pc i think won't take to much time
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wazas1r1 18/abr/2013 às 5:31 
Have not seen the news of release date But i think of this sooner
dragon_blade 18/abr/2013 às 5:31 
I think may is when the nexy batch of gren lite games comes in
Chalupa Batman 18/abr/2013 às 5:38 
i hope so, since porting is the only thing ghostlight needs to do
Chizu 18/abr/2013 às 5:59 
Porting isn't necessarily as smooth and easy as all that :v
They have said there is no release window right now, but that they have some working builds in office. So that suggests they are making good progress.
You never know what bugs and issues can be thrown up during porting though, so give them some time yet.
Hopefully they'll announce a release projection when they have made more progress.
Chalupa Batman 18/abr/2013 às 6:09 
they can take their time as long as they release it optimized for mouse and k/b controls, but any info about possible release date will be a plus too
Ghostlight Ltd.  [desenvolvedor(a)] 18/abr/2013 às 6:09 
Thanks Chizu :) I'd just came in to say that.
Deadlock2010 18/abr/2013 às 6:53 
Some guy say: Product should be out in time, but this is not always synonymous with "do not be late".
All wanted this game, but all wanted GAME, not just bunch of lags, over 9000 patchs and +100500 DLC. I think Ghostlight called RD when they will be ready.
Sin1st3r 22/abr/2013 às 8:27 
i am fine waiting a bit but please dont let us wait to long =)
ole7959 22/abr/2013 às 9:17 
take my money x)
Gaunth 18/mai/2013 às 2:12 
Twix 18/mai/2013 às 3:27 
Anjack 18/mai/2013 às 6:41 
Looking foward to this game. Looks amazing!!
GIPSY DANGER 19/mai/2013 às 1:37 
Escrito originalmente por Ghostlight Ltd.:
Thanks Chizu :) I'd just came in to say that.
After all, we certainly don't want you guys to pull a Capcom by announcing a release date, then pushing the date back.
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