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Agarest: Generations of War
Trails in the Sky
Hello everyone.

As we know, Agarest is getting quite the popularity here on Greenlight (It already Top 70), and that with only a week of release here. Quite impressive, and for me, it shows that there are people interessed in JRPG's here on Steam.

But, will this game be a sucess here on Steam? Is that sucess going to make Ghostlight port more titles of the genre here? Will the sucess of this game make others publishers port their JRPG's to PC's? Only the future will tell...

But, what I wanted to talk about is one special game of the genre. Trails in the Sky.

Released originally in 2004 for Windows PC, the game was developed by Nihon Falcom (The same people who makes the Ys series. If you are reading this, but doesn't have at least one of those games in your account... Shame on you) and it's a great Turn-Based JRPG. It was ported to PSP in 2006, adding some features (Like Voices in Battle). In 2011, Xseed decided to localize this PSP version to US. Soon after that, Ghostlight picked it up for EU release.

Here a video, if anyone is interessed:

That game is definitely my favorite JRPG "this gen" (I mean, this was originally released in 2004), but, the game just ends with a cliffhanger (And it's not something like "Assassins Creed"... The ending is so good you can't even get mad at it), and, we never got the sequel here in the west. Xseed has clearly said that the game is just too big for them. And they're right, of course:


I mean, you can clearly see how huge the games from the series are... It puts Persona games to shame.

But, of course, these are easily one of the best JRPG's Japan has to offer, and I believe that bringing these to Steam is the only hope for this franchise.

Sure, I'm not asking Ghostlight to do it (I'm pretty sure Xseed would just do it themselves instead of letting Ghostlight do it), all I want to do is raise awareness of this series, and, you know... Maybe someone at Xseed might just end up reading this discussion... I know they probably already have a lot of requests for bringing this series to the PC... But, hey, the more the merrier