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Agarest: Generations of War
Gameplay Video (Ps3) ... For the lazy people who complain there is no gameplay video... Took me about 2 second to type the name of the game + gameplay in youtube.
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wazas1r1 8/abr/2013 às 8:19 
Oh Great i love japan rpg
DesmaX 8/abr/2013 às 9:23 
But I would like to see gameplay of the PC version... See how this plays with Mouse + Keyboard
What a crazy idea ! Every pc gamer owns a gamepad nowadays
DesmaX 8/abr/2013 às 9:42 
Escrito originalmente por Vashe:
What a crazy idea ! Every pc gamer owns a gamepad nowadays
While I do have a Gamepad (Games like Ys are unplayable without one), it would be nice to actually see a gameplay from the PC version on this page
In Vain 9/abr/2013 às 9:27 
What problems with keyboard and mouse? I play a lot games like Ys and this one with thoose devices and there are any difficults.
ShiroiRyu 11/abr/2013 às 8:27 
I just hope something : The framerate on PC will not be slow like on PS3. :(
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