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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
Missingnope. 1. kesä, 2013 18.26
Which character from the AVGN series would fit in best as a boss?
Alright guys. The AVGN game is gonna come and we still are confused. Who will be the bosses? Now it's time to suggest. For me, ROB would make a great final boss. AVGN's review on ROB has got to be the best one. But that's just me. Who would you like to see become a boss? NOTE: Please no "NOSTALGIA CRITIC FINAL BOSS!" I know NC made a video of him fighting the AVGN but he pretty much has nothing to do with the series. Heck, he never even appeared in the series. (If I'm wrong and he appeared as a guest star, please just reply a link to the video he guess starred in.)
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LegallyBlindGamer 3. kesä, 2013 8.44 
The posessed NES would be an awesome boss.
Rabbitz_Foot 4. kesä, 2013 0.16 
Yeah NC appeared as the glitch gremlin. Other then that I would have to say the "Where did you learn to fly?" face would ba an interesting boss.
teeos 6. kesä, 2013 6.22 
The CEO of LJN
Missingnope. 6. kesä, 2013 8.15 
The.Morningc0at lähetti viestin:
dude R.O.B. the Robot
Did you even read what I suggested in the description?
Waffle-Man 6. kesä, 2013 10.18 
How about Bugs Bunny or the SMB3 Demon?
Slave of Cuthulu 16. heinä, 2013 18.08 
The text box from Simon's Quest
ScrewAttackGames  [kehittäjä] 17. heinä, 2013 21.26 
Oh guys you can definitely expect pretty much every boss in the game to relate to AVGN episodes in some way. All your suggestions are great! Keep them coming!
King Doom Pony Sausiez 29. heinä, 2013 19.59 
AVGN should fight the sucky clone of pitfal Harry with the origonal awesome pitfall Harry as a sidekick!
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