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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
tuomio tulee 23 mag 2013, ore 9:35
Possibly the worst game on Greenlight?
its just basically babbys first platformer game made on gamemaker, probably with bad avgn related jokes and oh so funny references to old nintendo games. the trailers didnt promise anything good, just your standard megaman rip-off

avgn is best
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Another Hamon User... 23 mag 2013, ore 16:07 
Siege 23 mag 2013, ore 20:54 
No as well.
Rabbitz_Foot 23 mag 2013, ore 23:08 
That's three for no.
BOOM! Plank 24 mag 2013, ore 13:16 
Me four, you do realize this is in development? If AVGN is the best, why are you so against this?
MeanMotherJr 力 24 mag 2013, ore 15:12 
^ He's probably talking about the series, not the quality of the game.
Sans 25 mag 2013, ore 3:52 
No a fifth time.
Caceres 25 mag 2013, ore 4:35 
The game is not out yet and the trailer was from the pre-alpha. You can't really judge a game that's not out yet.
Sir Sassafrass 27 mag 2013, ore 9:09 
Like caceres says you really cant judge somthing that you havent even tried.
tuomio tulee 27 mag 2013, ore 9:52 
but i can say crack is wack even tho i haven't tried
The Jonah 28 mag 2013, ore 21:55 
♥♥♥♥ you
Vacation x4 29 mag 2013, ore 12:07 
Zanth you're being a total ♥♥♥♥♥♥. You can't judge a game that's out and your saying "yolo swag swagger swaggity she got some swagger wiggity wack black stack crack aint even out so I judge it" *just an example* for no reason. Could you stop this madness? It's no ripoff. It's an actual game and it costs them a whole lot of money to create it. It's no Megaman Ripoff (especially if it MIGHT come to wii/wiiu eshop/wii shop channel...)..That's like saying it's a ripoff of Final Fantasy, Mario Clash, To Love-Ru, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, Call of Duty, Super Meat Boy, Worms, etc. But it's not. That's like judging Sonic Lost World just because it's not out yet. I know i'm getting that scrap for the Wii U. But for sure, Stop judging about it. You shouldn't do that.
Vacation x4 29 mag 2013, ore 12:07 
that's not out**
Missingnope. 1 giu 2013, ore 18:26 
I would say the AVGN Adventures game would be pretty damn cool.
=BOS=glyn 4 giu 2013, ore 21:19 
Ay? Possibly the best game on greenlight more like - what the ♥♥♥♥ are you ♥♥♥♥ing talking about?
InsaneEnergy 6 giu 2013, ore 18:47 
Nope for the 6th time.
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