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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
Do you think there should be voice acting
many games have voice acting. do you think this should have voice acting
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Yes the 8-bit AVGN voise will be super.
InsaneJ 29. huhti, 2013 15.05 
Voices of known characters will give the game more character and will act as fan service at the same time. Win win if you ask me.
EazyBelle 18. heinä, 2013 15.08 
hell yaeh
Vixx 20. heinä, 2013 4.30 
Not sure, just text dialogue would be neat too I think.
hallo every one i like all your comments
I'd like to see some bad 8bit voice acting. I think that would be pretty nice. Otherwise just plain text boxes for me.
no i dont think it should but the game should be filled with well placed typos...only right since it is an avgn game
I Z I~ 27. heinä, 2013 4.18 
It's 8-bit lmao. But it could work if sounds similar to noises/shouts made from 1st gen Pokemon Monsters XD
Viimeisin muokkaaja on I Z I~; 27. heinä, 2013 4.18
Sopanda 31. heinä, 2013 16.57 
Hell Yeah. Like why not?
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