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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
How much would you pay for this game?!?!?!?
i would pay 30 dollars right off the back what about you?
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I've been watching his videos forever, but come on. It's an 8-bit indie game, 8,99€ would be perfect. Maybe 15-20, but thats just pushing it.
i love AVGN but 30 dollars a little much considering the design of the game i would like it to be 5-7 dollars but iw ould be okay with around 10
Around $5-10 due to the game design, no matter the price due to the title it will gain massive publicity and quickly so price wouldnt matter much in my opinion because profits will be flying in no matter what.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Superkamakazi; 10. huhti, 2013 19.16
Poffie 10. huhti, 2013 22.35 
5-15€ would be good.
$10 would be great. Howeverm I think it'll cost more.
$9.99. Would buy it instantly for that.
Teutep 11. huhti, 2013 1.27 
$10 would be nice.
4,99 - 9,99 €.
$10-15 Is good.
£3.99 - £5.99
Godhand 12. huhti, 2013 6.38 
10 bucks is a fair price for an indie game
nujuat 12. huhti, 2013 7.47 
I don't think it's an indie game... is it?
Teutep 12. huhti, 2013 11.39 
nujuat lähetti viestin:
I don't think it's an indie game... is it?
I quite believe it is?
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