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Razorback..::fr::.. 2013年9月16日上午8:40
Prop Hunt on a dedicated server ?

How i can install on Prop Hunt gamemod on a dedicted server and how I has to modify my server.cfg?
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Mr.Pyro 2013年9月19日下午1:35 
Refer to the link below, that should get you the basic information you'll need.

Once the server's installed Prophunt, you'll need to add: +gamemode "Prophunt" (Or whatever the gamemode's name is) to your Sever's config file.

That should get you set up mostly. Sorry I can't be of any more help.
Razorback..::fr::.. 2013年9月20日下午2:57 
ok but it's a verygames hosted server :s
BolleN 2013年11月1日上午3:38 
It says "Couldn't change active gamemode - 'Prophunt' not found".
Alex Batman 2014年1月9日上午12:54 
It's "gamemode prop_hunt". :)
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