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Forotosh 2014年1月6日上午10:05
Solution for error symbols and purple-black checkerboard. (legal)
Fist of all, the problem is you don't have the textures from Couter-Strike: Source. You can fix this by buying the game, but there is an easier solution for free. Here is a video I found on how to get all the textures and maps from Counter-Strike: Source. This should fix all your error symbols and purple-black checkerboard.

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Pechiin 2014年2月20日上午11:05 
can someone tell us if this solution worked ?
Forotosh 2014年2月22日下午2:57 
I used it myself.
danieldan0803 2014年5月30日下午3:51 
I tried this, it all seems to have downloaded and copied correctly, but the problem still persists
jakub1838 2014年7月25日上午7:41 
i heave css and i heave error symbols wtf ?
MinecraftMarioGuy53 [UK] 2014年9月8日下午1:26 
This works, thanks!
MrTeWz 2014年9月22日上午5:55 
downloaded properly and put into files, but still doesnt work
UltimateFlo 2014年10月7日下午3:25 
worked for me, thanks a lot!
RainbowNaomi 2014年12月18日下午6:47 
I already have the game, but the link does nothing, when I go to the site I get a bunch of spam but not the website itself.. I am afraid I can never play this :c
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Styler427 4月19日下午5:38 
引用自 jakub1838
i heave css and i heave error symbols wtf ?

There's a CSS check box in game. click on the tab that look's like a game pad in the main menu, then look for the check box and click it. that it should fix it. (This only works if you have CSS installed of corse.)

Edit: If that didn't fix it you may need some other Source game, such as Half-life 2: episode 2.
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MxE Rzz 6月17日下午10:05 
Enforcer_Gaming 6月18日上午7:17 
First off, you need to buy CSS. When you load up Garys Mod and swap it to prop hunt it should downloan all of the CSS maps and items right away. As for Half-Life, when you join most servers, not all, the server will make you download half-life maps and items anyways so no need to buy Half-Life!
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