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xXx_K1ng_Cry5al15_xXx 17 feb 2014, ore 18:47
Accidentally unbound taunt (F3).
I accidentally unbound f3 while trying to remove another command I bound and now I cant taunt. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling prophunt and even tried reinstalling Gmod (Fully, by deleting the file in steam and everything) to no avail. If someone knows how to fix this or knows the console command for taunting, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Emikol 18 feb 2014, ore 19:40 
Yes by default F3 is your taunt but if you unbound it here is how to set it back to normal.

Goto options>keyboard and bind "Spare 1" to F3 or whatever you want as your taunt button.
lasdetrefle 8 feb, ore 4:36 
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