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GoD Factory: Wingmen
B!t8vM Jun 14, 2013 @ 2:35am
Planetary Assault
Can we get gravity based combat too? Like attacking a huge underground complex build like a giant maze with less sensor signals so you can sneak up and trap or hide and ambush your opponents. Throw in defensive turrets and make it a "dungeon" crawler with spacejets. Form a party of different races and classes to reach the heart of that base and gain unlockable loot after raiding the armory of that complex. *cough* Multiplayer Coop mode *cough*

How 'bout that? I don't try to rip off the concept from some other MMO F2Ps here but why not? It could be included with the second installment of the universe. I don't expect you to programm a masterful AI for it, jsut a couple of turrets, random missile warnings, laser traps, floating mines, mobile ground units, one mini-boss, heavy boss at the end.

I backed and spread the word. Good luck.
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Gheeyom  [developer] Jun 18, 2013 @ 5:38am 
That's not a concept that could easily be implemented given the vast amount of features that would be developed for this game mode in particular. However in the lore of GoD Factory the ships all are able of flying in atmosphere as well as in space, so maybe in a future installment we'll see some levels happening closer to the ground :)
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