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GoD Factory: Wingmen
Shwetty Balls 20 mei 2013 om 6:11vm
Controller support?
Are there plans for controller support? I absolutely love the concept of this game, but I feel like in order to perform at the best of its ability, support must be added for controllers. Trying to fly in space on a keyboard/mouse on its own is tough, and then trying to use a bunch of hotkeys in addition seems like a cumbersome task for a keyboard (unless you've got a mouse with 15 buttons or something).
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Gheeyom  [ontwikkelaar] 20 mei 2013 om 6:59vm 
Yes, we intend to support as many controllers and joysticks as we can. We play regularly with an xbox360 controller and with logitech gamepads at Nine Dots when testing the game. It's much easier to pick up than with a mouse and keyboard.
Shwetty Balls 20 mei 2013 om 8:08vm 
Excellent! Definitely a pre-order from me. Can't wait for the kickstarter to go up. You guys have to get more publicity on this, this deserves to be a kick-♥♥♥ game!
Gheeyom  [ontwikkelaar] 20 mei 2013 om 10:42vm 
Great news, thanks for supporting us! We'd love to get more visibility and it's not something we have much expertise in.You can help us a lot regarding this by sharing our stuff to your friends :)
Shwetty Balls 21 mei 2013 om 5:10vm 
Oh believe me, I am, and will continue to do so.
Gheeyom  [ontwikkelaar] 21 mei 2013 om 5:43vm 
Great! :-D
Devnull 17 okt 2013 om 6:04vm 
I've tryed the game and i found it awesome. I have a Logitech Extreme 3d PRO and i found the configuration a bit hard, where i cant setup all the buttons like the POV ones to act as some of the functions available. Keep the good work
Viper74 20 okt 2013 om 11:53vm 
I'm an avid controller geek and have the x-45, 52, etc so I understand the controller requests. That being said Freelancer proved to me that mouse control for the space genre is not only possible but quite fun. I would like to see that type of control scheme or something similar for this game.
Merlin 26 okt 2013 om 1:19nm 
I've already played this game with an xbox 360 controller. It worked out of the box and with a little tweeking to the default button layout it worked great.
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