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Game Dev Tycoon
[rainbow] StormBringer0 1 août 2013 à 12h48
Steam Workshop for Game Dev Tycoon
So I see there are lots of new ideas for this amazing game, so why not making it compatible with mods so that you can add your own stuff instead of waiting for the developers to do so? What do you think?
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Farkylk | Silvan 4 août 2013 à 23h10 
great idea. we will se if they do it! can only hope it!
dennisw100 6 août 2013 à 13h10 
Workshop would be amazing for this game! Custom Textures, more Consoles, a longer Campagne and more cool random events! I would absolutly LOVE this!!
[rainbow] StormBringer0 26 août 2013 à 6h52 
I hope they do it!
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