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dubesor Apr 29, 2013 @ 1:36pm
Bought today, need help! Plus suggestions
Okay first of all it's a promising game, played a couple of hours. I played 3 times (3 times bankrupt) and I have some suggestions/questions.

- When you make a new game there should be an indicator which genre isn't "fresh" anymore. I hate skipping out of windows to check my recent games manually. This would be amazing

- After a certain time the history seems to advance too fast and makes it impossible to keep up. Game engines are extremely expensive and so are licenses for new consoles. I managed to have great starts with 1-2 million very fast but in the end I simply can't keep up with the technological advancement I always feel like racing against the clock. Also Research points needed versus acquired get ridiculous out of balanced later in the game.

- The training staff is more of a guessing game. Why doesn't the training tell me what exact stat is boosted? Just trial and error is kind of annoying....

- High scores not working? Like I said I finished 3 games and it still says "No scores yet"

Also the upkeep cost seems ridicilous. For example I just checked the profits of my last game. Mind you profits, so that's already calculated all the development cost etc. I have made 1.5 million in profits, only made 2 gameeniges (circa 200k) yet my balance is 70k. How is this possible? I would like a graph on how high exactly my expenses are and for what reason.

Other than that great game but I always feel racing against the clock like I said. I think the time should progress as you do, and not it progressing either way and you run behind eventually going bankrupt. Also a little bit more indicator of what to prioritize in games would be neat. Some logical errors in the game also. Why does "open world" in a Puzzlegame eg Tetris make the game better? I read the entire help-section but find it very basic leaving most questions unanswered.