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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Ordinance 2013. júl. 9. @ de. 12:13
The Potentially Low Skill-Cap of GunZ2 is the Real Issue Here??

DISCLAMER:: I don't side with either pro or anti "K-Style". Bloody move on with life and respect a person's choice in enjoying gaming; wether that be either casual or competitive.


The more I look at these pro K-Style vs. Non K-Style Debates, the more I am beginning to see that the original purpose of why people seem frustrated with GunZ 2 got lost under all the arguments of preference between causal & competitive gaming.

From what I see, the main reason that GunZ 1 veterans are becoming frustrated with GunZ2 is the drastically lower skill-cap than its predecessor. The majority of people who played GunZ 1 played it for the sake of skill mastery, since the skill-cap was only limited by a player's mechanical skill; which is something that will probably never be seen again in gaming.

In a number of cases, those who are initially good at mechanical speed based gaming are fearing that this game will become as linear as games like Hawken, where the mechanical skill-cap of the game is fairly low in comparison; the kind of game that can be mastered in a week, and then become bored with afterwards. Of course, not to say that a game like Hawken is unenjoyable(as I play it myself from time to time), but i'm thinking the BIG PICTURE here is that GunZ2 may fall short in delivering the skill mastery experience that GunZ1 had with K-Style.

The challenge of mastering a complex skill such as K-Style is what made it fun. Currently, the ONLY game to even stand up to that level of complexity for mechanical skillis S4League, and that's another story alltogether as to why that is no longer a viable option for those looking for technical mastery in pvp games. Now, seeing as the only real option for high speed mechanical skill based gameplay is pretty much shut down for good, there's no other outlets for these types of gamers to have their kind of fun with.

In conclusion, it doesn't look like the issue at hand is the lack of "K-Style" specifically in GunZ2, as it is the lack of the high-speed mechanical skill-based gmaeplay that GunZ1 was famous and loved for.

I only wish Cysote was around to better clarify what i'm trying to point out here.
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