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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Giovi 26 czerwca 2013 o 15:08
Dual Wield Guns?
I've watched a lot of gameplay vifeos and looked at screenshots. I haven't seen a single player using dual wield guns. It was fun using those kind of guns in the first game. Is it in some footage and I missed it?
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『』 26 czerwca 2013 o 16:48 
I didn't see it too. I'd like to use the same kind of dual revolvers I did on Gunz 1.
JinNJuice 26 czerwca 2013 o 16:53 
It might be for another class.
Giovi 26 czerwca 2013 o 16:57 
I hope it's for another class!
Franck Clark 26 czerwca 2013 o 17:14 
I hope it too
Bobdog 26 czerwca 2013 o 18:01 
Pretty sure that's what they are going for.

Guntrix agreed about dual wield pistols coming back.
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Third 26 czerwca 2013 o 21:31 
well itll deff be in the game in the future besides these arent the ONLY classes maiet did mention adding more classes more weapons and TON more content for the years to come
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