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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Army Ant 14. jun 2013 kl. 7:59am
server question
Does anyone know if the servers are like normal fps servers were we can host our own or do we only use one server in the us. I ask cause I live outside the US and I dont think maiet will get someone to publish it in my area.
Sidst redigeret af Army Ant; 14. jun 2013 kl. 8:00am
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cya lol 14. jun 2013 kl. 8:58am 
That's a good question, if MAIET is still active on their AMA you should go there. If not maybe ask in the suggestions thread because I'm not sure if anyone here will be able to answer you.
JinNJuice 14. jun 2013 kl. 9:45am 
Well, GunZ is a "third party" game. Like the other third party games, i.e. Elsword, BLR, Vindictus, Warframe, Ragnarok, etc, GunZ might also be running their own servers.
.vu 17. jun 2013 kl. 5:47am 
Vindictus actually doesn't run on dedicated servers. Most battles are fought hosted by players.
JinNJuice 17. jun 2013 kl. 9:58am 
Vindictus still has a main server.
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