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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Mythological 13 giu 2013, ore 17:14
Join the GunZ 2 Steam Community Group!!!

We want to get this group officially tied with MAIET!
Guntrix also said "I'll make sure to give beta invites to members of GunZ 2 group members first. as much as possible." So join and make sure you invite all your friends!
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[HONOR] Snow 13 giu 2013, ore 17:16 
Naked 13 giu 2013, ore 17:18 
Maerx 13 giu 2013, ore 17:19 
Well, I've made most of my friends vote Gunz2 to get greenlight (but not join the group), now that the game is coming out, I think it will be easier with the promises of beta keys.
Ultima modifica da Maerx; 13 giu 2013, ore 17:20
cole.rowden 13 giu 2013, ore 19:44 
DarkJose 13 giu 2013, ore 21:16 
Damn right, I've already invited a bunch of friends and talked about the game with them.
I just can't wait for it to come out! ^^
♦衝撃波- Electric Shock ♦ 14 giu 2013, ore 7:50 
Cant wait for me and mah buddies to play beta or open beta, we gonna own
VGTG 14 giu 2013, ore 13:17 
I love you GunZ 2
Єxort 15 giu 2013, ore 5:29 
hell yeah..fast2.. i can't wait anymore.. let rock
SkypeCallMe: Lolmunji 16 giu 2013, ore 12:08 
JinNJuice 16 giu 2013, ore 18:45 
Could someone from MAIET pin this?
Mythological 16 giu 2013, ore 20:53 
Messaggio originale di JinNJuice:
Could someone from MAIET pin this?
We asked Venister and Guntrix, we just gotta wait.
Feeder 22 giu 2013, ore 21:50 
can't wait
SkypeCallMe: Lolmunji 25 giu 2013, ore 10:31 
Galaectrus 25 giu 2013, ore 15:05 
Well...I hope this game comes out before my vacation ends...
Mr. Z 26 giu 2013, ore 13:13 
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