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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
thelostcompany 2013. nov. 22. @ de. 10:34
will it be free 2 play or not and the will the payment option in skins or in better weapons (...)
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Up Down Left Right A B Start 2013. nov. 22. @ de. 11:49 
I'm fairly certain it's confirmed f2p. Don't know about the payment option though. Both would be ideal for them.. though I just hope the would be items are actually worth it.
thelostcompany 2013. nov. 22. @ du. 12:14 
i hope it won`t be p 2 win
LeonardoW 2013. nov. 23. @ du. 3:43 
They should do F2P Valve style.
thelostcompany 2013. nov. 23. @ du. 4:27 
so all items in chest but just visuel yeah would be great
Ryou 2013. nov. 24. @ de. 3:19 
They've mentioned the game would be free to play and not pay to win. However not much information has been released. So far, ingame weapons and costumes are limited time (buying with ingame money), but you will have an option to permanently buy with real money. However, if you play fairly consistently, you can effectively make enough money to buy weapons whenever they run out.

They also have something called a supply crate where, every hour you're logged in you unlock it and get money (All I've gotten so far, could change in the future) and winning 1 game turns it into a quality crate where you get a greater reward (I've gotten 20k once from it, compared to the common 500, 1000, 2000 it's quite a huge amount).
Magic Dildo 2013. nov. 24. @ de. 4:11 
GunZ 2: the Second Duel will be provided as a complete Free-to-Play game. If you don’t find it any fun, it does not require any payment.
thelostcompany 2013. nov. 24. @ de. 6:18 
so i can look forward to it XD
Yoshi 2013. nov. 24. @ du. 9:49 
thelostcompany eredeti hozzászólása:
i hope it won`t be p 2 win

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