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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
5onic - S4 League 2013. nov. 21. @ du. 6:30
NA GunZ 2 - Update Info! 11/21/2013
"MAIET entertainment, Inc. We have been working on integrating Steam SDK lately. We will be able to provide you the first early access program in late December or January. We'll keep you posted!"


Source: https://www.facebook.com/maietgames
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ShadowHawk 2013. nov. 21. @ du. 9:00 
Nice thanks for the update. I saw it as well on Maiet's facebook page, woohoo! sounds like they're a little behind schedule on what we were told initially, I have a feeling it will be later Jan. or early Feb. We'll see.
5onic - S4 League 2013. nov. 21. @ du. 9:02 
If all goes well with SDK, I honestly would not mind the wait.
ShadowHawk 2013. nov. 21. @ du. 9:03 
Agreed. I played in the EU closed Beta and Taiwan/Hong Kong Open beta. Looking forward to seeing how smooth the game will run for NA since I am NA.
Ricky Blaze 2013. nov. 22. @ de. 12:04 
Dam so soon, sounds good cant wait to play'
Emonium 2013. nov. 22. @ de. 11:21 
Finally, a word. Looking forward
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