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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Sig Apr 16, 2014 @ 1:53pm
New Class: Zane The Bounty Hunter [Class Suggestion]

Hey guys, most of you know me, I'm Sig in game, and I came up with a (in my opinion) cool new class suggestion!

Since we all know how great MAIET and P7S1 work together, I'm not getting my hopes up, but still thought I'd share this with everyone, to see how many people would like to see a class like this.

Background Story:
After growing up in the poor part of town in the shadow of the Adam Corp, Zane was taken by the Adam Corp Research Lab, and through horrible experiments with optimite, turned into the first super-human soldier. After escaping, Zane lived his days as a jack-of-all-trades, taking all the dangerous, violent and mysterious jobs people had for him, as long as they had the coin. At a certain job that brought him to the poor part of the island again, he was caught up in a fire-fight between Adam Corp and the GSF. Zane saved one of the GSF soldiers, and was brought back to their base. The GSF hired him, studied the horrible experiments that were done on him, to create a more humane way to insert optimite into soldiers. Zane now fights alongside Ivan, Elena, Max and Rena to bring down the Adam Corp.

FIRST OF ALL: The looks.
Overall dark/evil kind of look
Serious face
Half-long, dark-brown or black hair
Fur accents at sleeves of the longcoat and pants
Casual white shirt with some buttons loose, covered by that big-bad longcoat

The rough idea I had was to have a "bad-♥♥♥, don't take no crap from no one" kind of character with a cool longcoat, dark hair, and fur accents to give it a bit of a rough edge. If you look at GunZ I's many sets, there's plenty of possibilities to make cool variations on longcoats with winter accents to fill up the in-game shop.

For melee I had something very simple in mind. My idea was to make this character close-range based, without making him some kind of samurai-ninja-swordsmaster like Silent Avenger or Shadow Dancer. Instead, I wanted to base him more on guns, but up close. So I chose to give him a good old fashioned army K-Bar knife!

Holding this blade reversed with the tip pointing down, it will be limited in damage and range, but being as small as it is, I was thinking of matching up the slashing speed close to that of the Shadow Dancer. My own thoughts were a 4-hit combo, at the speed of Shadow Dancer's slashing speed, so it would take around half / three quarters of the time of the full SD combo. I was thinking that it would be cool for his normal left click combo to start with a downward slash, then diagonally from bottom left to upper right, slashing diagonally from upper right to the middle of your screen so to say, and ending with a stab forward. As for damage rates I was thinking:

First hit: 80%
second hit: 80%
third hit: 80%
final hit: 160%

As for his right click melee attack, no fancy stuff like the Shadow Dancer, just a regular flip upwards like Ivan, Elena and Max have. For damage, I was thinking to make this a 100% of your damage hit. This way it would also be more rewarding to use a combination of flips and shots rather than mindlessly spamming your left click melee combos.

Also, which many people might not like, NO LIGHT STEP! The combo of jump > press direction key once > slash should NOT work on this character. This will obviously make it way too strong.

As a primary weapon, I was thinking for a cross-over with the Shadow Dancer, like the Shadow Dancer has with the Silent Avenger, they share the Submachine gun. So I was thinking to give the Bounty Hunter the same Dual Pistols that Rena uses. This would mean that it's easy to make, since they already exist, no balancing issues, since they already exist, and no extra work making new weapons for yet another class, since they already exist.

So obviously, there's not a lot to say here. Plain and simple: Dual Pistols as primary weapon. Even the animations could stay the same, where the character just holds the pistols on their side, flips and spins them when zooming in, this is all more than fine for the Bounty Hunter as well.

ANY TEETH LEFT?: Secondary Weapon:
Here, a long awaited friend of us all would make its comeback, that's right: Shotguns! Again, just as the pistols, these things already exist in the client files, so there would be no effort required to make a new weapon, since it already exists. Really getting sick of that line, huh?

However, there is one issue left open for discussion here. How would our hero hold his shotgun?
Like a casual hillbilly, holding it with two hands, shooting from the hip? (Think: Elena's un-zoomed shooting animation.)
Screw recoil, two hands are for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! Let's hold this bad-boy like it's a silly little pistol, one hand on the weapon, stick it out in front of you, close those eyes and squeeze the trigger!
Be a professional hitman, shoulder this piece of destruction like proper gunman, and drop some death. (Think: Elena's zoomed-in shooting animation.)

After the announcement of the upcoming class Strider, a LOT of possibilities opened up for different kinds of movement. The Strider uses a tumble while equipped with ranged weapons, instead of the usual dash the other classes have.

To keep that speed up, to give him his strength at close range, the Bounty Hunter should have normal dashing with all three of his weapons in my opinion. Normal dashing speed, think in the terms of the speed of Silent Avenger / Gunslinger. Not too fast like the Shadow Dancer, since he's still a gunman, but not as slow as the Shield Trooper.
Jumps and wallruns all speak for itself, just regular movement like the other classes have, at decent speed.

As we all know, all classes have nine skills, unlocked at various levels.
Speaking for itself are:
Level 3: Parry, this allows you to block an attack and push an enemy back by clicking both mouse buttons at the same time. It costs 1 bar of Z.
Level 5: Aerial Dodge, this allows you to recover in the air after being flipped up by either someone's right click melee attack, or ST/GS's Q attack.
Level 5: Rising Attack, this allows you to get up quickly after being knocked down, while slashing around you to hit any innocent bystanders.

Now, the skills I had in mind.

Level 1: No Bullets, No Problem, This skill reloads all your ammo back to full, and turns the first shotgun shot you shoot into a critical hit. (Activated by pressing E, costs one Z bar.)
Level 1: Death From Above, you jump up into the air, and spiral down while shooting your pistols, creating a field of high-damage destruction below you, all around you. My idea was to go a little like the SD-Q, where the Q attack has several "stages of attack" and consists of several hits. My idea was to just do 3 hits of 25-30 damage to your health each with this attack on anyone who stands close enough.
Level 8: Enhanced Refill, with this, the No Bullets, No Problem skill also turns the first 2 Dual Pistol hits into critical hits.
Level 10: Unfair Play, By pressing the R key with your melee weapon out, you just forward and strike your knife down with all your force, dealing 70 damage in total. (35 damage to health, 35 damage to armor)
Level 15: Enhanced Bloodrain, add a 4th hit to Death From Above, now dealing a total of 4 hits, each of 25-30 damage to your opponent's health.
Level 20: Bullet Overload, this increases your rate of fire by 100%, making you shoot your pistols and shotgun twice as fast when you're at full-Z state. (Requires full Z.)

That's pretty much it. This is my personal idea for a new class, which is both cool, perfectly fitting for my style, very good, and yet not overpowered and in my opinion properly balanced with the other classes.

Hit me up with ideas, suggestions, feedback and of course, all the love!

Update log:
16-4: original post.
Future Plans:
Maybe changing the name.
Finishing touches. (to be determined, based on feedback.)

Last edited by Sig; Apr 16, 2014 @ 1:54pm
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OxNEOxO Apr 16, 2014 @ 4:03pm 
Good idea but, I would not want a character like him... unless it was a girl character... :3
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